Tainan Art Museum

Tainan Art Museum is divided into hall 1 and hall 2 and the walk time is around 10 minutes between the 2 halls. The original building of hall 1 was Tainan City Police Department for eclectic Art Deco style and one of Tainan City Police Department buildings maintained in Taiwan; the revive and rebuild of new and old building can make different impact and feeling to visitors. The hall 2 building is designed by Phoenix Flower and transformed to pure and vivid pentagonal shape, then create a flexible visiting route with vertical stack and misaligned square space. Through local arts collection and explanation, it’s able to revitalize cultural memory and concentrate citizen’s identity to arts.

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No.455, Sec. 3, Jhongshan Rd., Gueiren Dist., Tainan City

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06 700 7999

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