LAI HOTEL GUIREN is located in Guiren township of Tainan, a town with abundant history and culture. As a new landmark in Guiren, LAI HOTEL GUIREN is here to welcome the world with open arms and to deliver warmth to travelers.

LAI HOTEL GUIREN’s brand core value is “San Du Liang Wei”. “San Du” (direct translation meaning three degrees) represents warm love, depth of experience, and width of culture. “Liang Wei” (direct translation meaning two flavors”) includes flavor of tastes and memories. LAI GUIREN Hotel focuses on customer needs and satisfaction.

The word “LAI” consists of five people, each person representing a traveler, a businessperson, a family member, a newlywed, and a returning local. Our goal is to ensure that our guests, whoever you are, can rejuvenate their body, heart, and soul while staying with us through the warmth of our services and environment and returning home with great smiles on their face. LAI HOTEL GUIREN integrates local culture into hotel design. For instance, the Cattleya Garden was inspired by the local orchid species – Cattleya. The “Âng-hiā-tiânn” was constructed with Taiwanese traditional red tiles with a design to showcase local passion and energy. The internal design is simple and high quality without compromising elements that creates a home-like LAI HOTEL GUIREN is here to listen to voices around the world.

is always here to greet you
“Welcome Home”
regardless of who you are.



2021尾牙春酒專案獨享 NT$8,000+10%起 尾牙早鳥優待 2020年11月30日前下訂場地即享免收一成服務費 春酒早鳥優待 2020年12月31日前下訂場地即享免收一成服務費 菜單下載 專案獨享優惠 . 賓客地下停車場免費停車 .現場佈置:迎賓指示牌、精美桌卡、精緻菜卡 .視聽影音:投影設備、麥克風、舞台燈及場燈效果 訂席保證桌數 .8桌(含)以內,贈送每桌兩瓶果汁、席間熱茶或冷泡茶暢飲 .9-20桌,贈席間果汁/冷泡茶暢飲、徠.歸仁飯店餐飲抵用券共3,000元。 .21-35桌,贈每桌兩瓶啤酒(金牌或台啤)、席間果汁/冷泡茶暢飲、徠.歸仁飯店餐飲抵用券共5,000元。 老客戶加碼 .8,000+10%起每桌贈送招牌經典XO醬禮盒一組 .10,000+10%起每人贈徠.歸仁飯店精美購物袋乙個 .12,000+10%桌起每桌贈徠.歸仁飯店餐飲抵用券500元乙張 (限2020曾在徠.歸仁舉辦過春酒尾牙之公司行號適用;加碼贈品依餐價贈送,恕不累贈。) 注意事項: .專案優惠適用期間:2020/12/01-2021/3/15 .每桌訂金NT$2,000,付訂完成始為預訂成功。 .本優惠專案不得與其他優惠合併使用,專案內容不得折抵或兌換成現金或其他品項。 .徠.歸仁飯店有最終保留及變更相關專案內容的權利;如有異動,依現場公告為準,恕不另行通知。


聚豐樓週一至週四內用晚餐,滿千送百無上限 活動日期:2021/1/18~2021/2/10止,週一至週四晚餐期間 注意事項: 1. 本優惠專案僅限單點消費贈送,恕不得與其他優惠合併使用,套餐、桌菜不適用。 2. 優惠限週一至週四晚餐時段內用單筆消費計算,不得拆單,贈送之餐券限於下次消費使用。 3. 徠歸仁飯店有最終保留及變更相關專案內容的權利; 如有異動依現場公告為準,恕不另行通知。


恣意揮桿.一泊一食一球 訂房專線:(06)7007966 ✦適用期間: 2021/01/01~2021/12/31 ✦專案內容: 精緻客房/精緻雙床房住宿一晚 精緻早餐每人一客 南一或嘉南果嶺擊球(球車、桿弟、保險基金費於球場自付。) ✦注意事項: 1. 徠.歸仁飯店2021平假日及特殊節日定義>>,球場假日定義依球場實際公告為主。 2. 以上專案依房型入住人數,如需加人需加價$500/人、加床需加價$800/人,均含早餐,每房最多加一床;6歲以下未滿115公分幼童1位不佔床可免收人頭費,早餐加購則依現場計價收費。 3. 本專案三人以上方可成行, 4. 果嶺費除外之所有費用:球車費、桿弟費、設施維護費、保險等,請由客人自付於球場。 5. 本優惠專案恕無法與其他優惠合併使用,專案內容不得折抵或兌換成現金或其他品項。 6. 徠.歸仁飯店有最終保留及變更相關專案內容的權利;如有異動,依現場公告為準,恕不另行通知。



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Gue Fong Lo

A strong cultural presence of Guiren
where past and present arti ...

Corner 455

The power of life is not from hustle and bustle
but from peace of mind.

We create a ...



Chi-Mei Museum

Chimei Museum is located in the Tainan Metropolitan Park, Rende District of Tainan City. The collections include Western art, musical instruments, weaponry, and natural history. In addition to the main building, there are Western sculptures and a variety of plants located outdoors to make visitors experience a sense of paradise. This is one of the most popular touristic locations in Tainan.

  • Time9:30-17:30 (close on Wednesday)
  • Add.No.66, Sec. 2, Wenhua Rd. Rende Dist., Tainan City
  • Tel.06-2260808
Ten Drum Cultural Park

Ten Drum Cultural Park, used to be a sugar factory, is located in Rende District of Taiwan City. It is the first musical theme park for drums in Asia, occupying approximately 5 hectares. The center is composed of a total of 16 old warehouses built during the Japanese Colonial Period. It also includes three big steel molasses containers, a coffee shop, a sugar factory history museum, and a children’s playground to provide an interactive space for guests to experience art and culture. Through careful planning, a new life has been given to the century-old sugar factory that had been left unused. Its miraculous rebirth incorporates the Ten Drum Band’s innovative Taiwanese drumming music and is definitely worth a visit.

  • Time09:30–21:00
  • Add.No.326, Sec. 2, Wenhua Rd. Rende Dist., Tainan City
  • Tel.06-2662225
Hayashi Department Store

"Hayashi Department Store" called in (Gō͘-chàn-lâu-á) by Tainan people is located in West Central of Tainan City and began openning in 1932. Hayashi Department Store was the first one in southern Taiwan and the tallest building in Tainan City with the first commercial elevator at that time. "Hayashi Department Store" possesses of "historical building" and "creative industry" lingering charm and becomes the attractive spot in Tainan and provide different experiences for tourists.

  • Time10:30–21:30
  • Add.No.63, Sec. 2, Zhongyi Rd. West Central Dist., Tainan City
  • Tel.06-2213000
Blueprint Cultural & Creative Park

“Blueprint Cultural & Creative Park” located in West Central District of Tainan City and, it used to be an old judicial dormitory. Now, The old judicial dormitory has been transformed to 3D blueprint for popular attraction that young people check in. The park including flagship areas, cultural creative workshops and self-business operation areas cover delicious foods, cultural creative works and professional hand-made workshops. However, the painted wall and installation arts are the most popular attraction to take pictures and draw tourists attention for wondering in hipster world.

  • Time24HR
  • Add.Ln. 689, Sec. 1, Ximen Rd. West Central Dist., Tainan City
  • Tel.06-2227195

Anping is the origin of Taiwan’s history, one of the earliest places developed by the Han people and it’s the historic township in Taiwan. You can look for local delicious foods on Anping Old Street and stroll over there to seek for Anping Sword Lions, which avoid evil spirits and pray for blessing. You also can travel around historic landmarks nearby such as “Anping Castle”, “Anping Tree House” and “Tait” to experience the feelings of chrono cross.

  • Time08:30–17:30
  • Add.No.82, Guosheng Rd. Anping Dist., Tainan City
  • Tel.06-2267348
Confucius Temple Cultural Park

“Confucius Temple Cultural Park” located in West Central District of Tainan City, where has been established over three hundreds years is also called “First Learning in Taiwan” and the core of Tainan cultural historic city, therefore, it can represent the unique characteristic style. As Confucius Temple for central point, the popular attractions like South Gate, Fuzhong Street, Koxinga Shrine with radiation spread, tourists can enjoy walking on the street and experiencing the historic city atmosphere.

  • Time08:30–17:30
  • Add.No.2, Nanmen Rd. West Central Dist., Tainan City
  • Tel.06-2214647
Shennong Street

The original name of “Shennong Street” is Beishi Street located in West Central District of Tainan City. There are many cultural creative arts distribution for hand-made style. As strolling over the street, you can experience different features at daytime or nighttime, the quiet and slow life make people relaxed and enjoy the time.

  • Add.Shennong St,West Central Dist., Tainan City
Tainan Night Market

There are several popular night markets such as Garden Night Market, Dadong Night Market and Wusheng Night Market in Tainan; however, business operation time is different for each night market, so it creates a tip “DaDaWuHuaDaWuHua” for easy to remember each night market business operation time. Except for delicious snacks, you can walk around and enjoy playing games there.

Tainan Art Museum

Tainan Art Museum is divided into hall 1 and hall 2 and the walk time is around 10 minutes between the 2 halls. The original building of hall 1 was Tainan City Police Department for eclectic Art Deco style and one of Tainan City Police Department buildings maintained in Taiwan; the revive and rebuild of new and old building can make different impact and feeling to visitors. The hall 2 building is designed by Phoenix Flower and transformed to pure and vivid pentagonal shape, then create a flexible visiting route with vertical stack and misaligned square space. Through local arts collection and explanation, it’s able to revitalize cultural memory and concentrate citizen’s identity to arts.

Tainan Chihkan Cultural Zone

Chihkan Tower was the center of the development of historic city of Tainan in early stage, and Chihkan Tower is the major building; the range is the east of Xinmei Street, the south of Chenggong Road to Minquan Road. Xinmei Street used to be Tainan coastline in 17th century, and there are many historic monuments like Chihkan Tower, Grand Matsu Temple and Official God of War Temple, and visitors can recollect Holland, Zheng’s, Qing dynasty rule across historical track. Old streets, historic monuments, traditional crafts and various traditional delicious foods attract tourists to indulge in pleasures without stop.



By Train

After arriving at "Shalun Station", take Tainan Bus [Red Line 3] next to the High Speed Railway Station and get off at [Shangdi Temple] Stop (Please refer to the Red Line 3 bus schedule). After getting off at the [Shangdi Temple], head east for about 2-3 minutes. The hotel will be on your right.

By High speed railway station (HSRS)

After arriving at "Taiwan Station" by High Speed Railway Station:
1. By Bus:
Take Tainan Bus [Red Line 3] next to the High Speed Railway Station and get off at [Shangdi Temple] Stop (Please refer to the Red Line 3 bus schedule). After getting off at the [Shangdi Temple], head east by foot for about 2-3 minutes. The hotel will be on your right.
2. By Taxi:
(about 10 minutes by car / about 5.7 kilometers), the fare is about 200 NTD.

By Car

Heading South:
Via National Freeway No. 3:
1) Drive [National Freeway No. 3 (Formosa Highway)] southbound and take exit 357 towards [Guanmiao /Guiren] direction. Continue onto [Provincial Highway 86] and keep right, follow signs for Guiren. Turn right onto [Section 1 of Zhongshan Road (County Road 182)], go straight for about 4 kilometers. Hotel will be on your left.
Via National Freeway No. 1:
2) Drive the [Sun Yat-sen Freeway] southbound and take exit 327 - [Tainan] towards [Rende (County Road 182)] direction. Turn right onto [Zhongshan Road (County Road 182)] and go straight for about 2.5 kilometers. Hotel will be on your right.

Heading North:
Via National Freeway No. 3:
1) Drive [National Highway No. 3 (Formosa Highway)] northbound and take exit 357 towards [Guanmiao / Guiren] diredction. Continue onto [Provincial Highway 86] and keep right, follow signs for Guiren. Turn right onto [Section 1 of Zhongshan Road (County Road 182)], go straight for about 4 kilometers. Hotel will be on your left.
Via National Freeway No. 1:
2) Drive [Sun Yat-sen Freeway] northbound and take exit 327 - [Tainan] towards [Rende (County Road 182)] direction. After exit, turn right onto [Zhongshan Road (County Road 182)]. Continue to go straight for about 2.5 kilometers. Hotel will be on your right.




Our main mascot’s name, “Rei Fu Gua”, is named based on the English homophone of a frog.
In Japanese, the pronunciation of frog is similar to “KAERU”, which means return.
The Frog symbolizes one’s ability to weather a storm and represents prosperity and wealth in Japan.
It also conveys the meaning of returning home safely.
Just like “Rei Fu Gua”, we would like our guests to come back to LAI HOTEL GUIREN and think of it as their second home.
“A-Ren”, a supporting mascot to “Rei Fu Gua”, is a tadpole.
His main duty is to learn how to provide superior customer services to our guests besides “Rei Fu Gua”.

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